Lake Maggiore is a place particularly rich in color and atmosphere original and unique in the world, for this reason we want to offer the main landmarks that will allow you to visit the most important places of interest in our area 


villa bozzolo

Villa della Porta Bozzolo

villa bozzolo

Viale Camillo Bozzolo, 5 Casalzuigno (Varese).

Villa della Porta Bozzolo

The museum of the Brebbia pipe

museo delle pipe

Via Piave 21 – Brebbia (Va) Italia.

Museo delle Pipe

MUSEUM Gottard Park


S.S. Sempione 172 – Castelletto Sopra Ticino (NO) Italia.

Museo Gottardpark

This trip was made possible thanks to Mr. Alfio Gottardo fond of mechanics and technology. He has created a museum, the result of many years of painstaking research and hundreds and hundreds of vehicles, equipment, machines from all eras and all countries of the world.  

The MUSEUM Gottard Park is partly outdoors, and has ample parking. The entrance features a beautiful and imposing iron gate, beyond which stretch as far as the eye all means exposed: there are reserved pavilions to motorcycles and to cars in an endless multitude of engines, equipment, tools, unique pieces, curious and difficult to find. 

Visit the MUSEUM Gottard Park is like leafing through an encyclopedia of technology and mechanics that fascinates adults and children.
It ‘s a unique opportunity to learn and understand live many things remained only on books and documents. Great to spend a different day, curious and instructive, very unique. 

Volandia - Parco e museo del volo


Area Ex officine Aeronautiche Caproni: Via per Tornavento n.15, Case Nuove 21019 Somma Lombardo (Va), Italia.


Museum of Ceramics in Laveno Mombello

Museo della Ceramica

Via Lungolago Perabò, 5 – Cerro di Laveno Mombello (Va), Italia.


In going from room to room they will cross ways and fashions of the twentieth century: from the floral style of the century Art Deco of the 20s, characterized by geometric patterns, through the products with clean, elegant lines made under the direction of Guido Andlovitz in the ’30s and’ 40s and ending with the boundless imagination of Antonia Campi between the 50s and 70s, who created several masterpieces also honored by international awards. 

It has recently also been given a room on the good Costantini who specialized in engraving on ceramics and for several years worked in the factories of Laveno. The museum organizes temporary exhibitions throughout the year and workshops for adults and children. 


Castle Visconti San Vito

castello visconti somma lombardo

Piazza Scipione, 2 Somma Lombardo (Va), Italia.

Today the castle, which during the 50s has returned to being a single property in the hands of Don Marquis Alberto Visconti di San Vito after the division of property between the Visconti brothers took place in 1473 is presented as a large quadrangle which encloses three castles with three large courtyards each with its own entrance and porch. 

Recall then the collection of funerary urns of the Golasecca civilization and the beauty of the coat of arms, present in all homes Visconti, which is a “snake” snapping an Ottoman warrior. Also includes two shield with oak branches and winches with buckets of water and fire, to signify the patronage of the noble House of Visconti Somma on the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ghiandacon the symbol of peace and temperance water. 

Castello Visconti Di San Vito

Gardens Estensi Varese

EPSON DSC picture

Via Luigi Sacco, 5, Varese VA, Italia.

Giardini Estensi

The Palazzo Estense in Varese earned the nickname “Versailles of Milan”, given to her by Stendhal, and is the architect Giuseppe Bianchi masterpiece

It is located in Via Sacco, a short distance from the center. 

The Isolino Virginia - Biandronno

isolino virginia

Isolino Virginia

Lake Varese, with its characteristic triangular shape of about 9200 square meters in area, is located a few meters from the shore of the City of Biandronno since 1863 and is one of the most famous sites of European prehistory.
The island is the oldest lake-dwelling settlement of the Alps and the June 27, 2011 is a UNESCO World Heritage List in the “Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps“. 


L'Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso

eremo santa caterina

Via Santa Caterina, 13, 21038 Leggiuno VA, Italia.

Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso

Sacro monte di Varese

SacroMonte Varese

Sacro Monte di Varese

It consists of fourteen chapels devoted to the mysteries of the Rosary, that lead to the shrine of Santa Maria del Monte, a place of pilgrimage since the Middle Ages, that serves as the fifteenth chapel which also preserves a neoclassic organ of 1831, the work of Luigi Maroni Biroldi, restored by Peter Talamona in 1871 by Vincenzo Mascioni in 1989. work began in 1604, along two kilometers of a wide cobbled path.

Thanks to generous donations, the building was much more rapid than that of other sacred mountains and thirteen of the chapels were completed by 1623. In 1698 the works were completed in their present form. As in Rosario, the chapels are divided in groups of five. The architectural style of the chapels, the triumphal arches and fountains is varied, inspired by the stylistic ways of mannerism. The statues and frescoes that decorate the chapels together constitute a high seventeenth-century sacred art testimony in the Milan area.

The Church of S.S. Peter and Paul - National Monument - BREBBIA

chiesa san pietro e paolo brebbia

 Via della Chiesa, 1, 21020 Brebbia VA, Italia.

Chiesa S.S. Pietro e Paolo

The Romanesque church of S.S. Peter and Paul in Brebbia is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in the area. From the seventh century A.D. there was one more small and situated between the bell tower and the present building but, at the end of the eleventh century it was decided to build a larger one suitable for a now very large population. We must remember that Brebbia had a glorious past, it was the center of intense prosperity in the Roman age, then head of Parish and also home to a castle of the Milanese archbishops. The first document which speaks explicitly of Brebbia parish church dates back to 999 but the tradition (which is plausible!) Has it that the first church was

founded around the fourth century A.D. San Giulio, an evangelizer with his brother Giuliano, of the whole pre-alpine area around Lake Maggiore.

Cloister Voltorre

chiostro di voltorre
Piazza Chiostro, 23

Voltorre is a small village, part of the municipality of Gavirate, which is just over a kilometer. E ‘located at the foot of the park of Campo dei Fiori and touched by the coastal road north Lakeside resort of Lake Varese.

Here, hidden among farmhouses and plants, is the Cloister, dedicated to St. Michael, recognized as a national monument in 1911: it is a building complex consisting of a cloister, the tower, the church and some local and south side are repeated on the first floor.

Chiesa di San Gallo Via Torretta, Vergiate

Chiesetta SanGallo

Via Cascina Torretta, 64, 21029 Vergiate VA, Italia

It’s a small building built in the ninth and tenth century and which belonged to the Switzerland Abbey of St. Gallen. The church consists of a single room, in front of the single entrance, there is the apse. Outside there is also a small bell tower. In recent decades, some excavations have unearthed the remains of an imposing villa of Roman age, as well as interesting remains of prehistoric times

SacroMonte Varese


palude brabbia

Funivia di Laveno

Via Don C. Tinelli, 15a 21014 Laveno-Mombello VA.

Ice chests of cazzago Brabbia via Orrigoni

ghiacciaie cazzago brabbia

Cascate di Cazzago Brabbia

Before the advent of refrigeration present in many of the municipalities bordering the lake of Varese, they have been made of the buildings that would allow storage of food (typically the fish caught from the lake) for as long as possible. 

In the municipality of Cazzago Brabbia you can still see some of these glaciers, unfortunately usually only from the outside. The input port of some of these, however, was replaced by a glass which allows to appreciate the internal dimensions and depth. The part of these constructions that develops outside is in fact very small, developing mainly below ground (up to 10 m deep), so as to allow maximum thermal insulation, already considerable, given from the walls and roof of stone. 

Palude Brabbia

palude brabbia

Palude Brabbia

The headquarters of the Reserve is the visitor center site in the municipality of Inarzo in Via PatriotI 22, starting point of the main path for a visit to the swamp. 

The reserve is open every day of the year, l’Access is free from sunrise to sunset along the route marked.
For a walk in the reserve are recommended boots or boots in case of rain. In the summer does not hurt a product mosquito! Remember, you’ll need follow the trails and it is mandatory to keep the dogs on leash. 

Le cascate di Cittiglio

cascate cittiglio

Via Pianella, 21033 Cittiglio VA.

Cascate di Cittiglio

The three waterfalls of Cittiglio, accessible by a path starting from the old part of the village, are formed from S.Giulio stream and placed in altitudes between 324 and 474 meters high in a natural setting of breathtaking beauty forest. The path of the stream before it reaches the country, winds through winding lines, which invite the water to sudden jumps. 


Bicycle lane

Bicycle lane Comabbio

Lake Comabbio is located in the Province of Varese, about 3 km from the famous Lake Varese which was once connected. Has a development of 9 km and is a green oasis full of aquatic plants, the maximum depth is 8 m.  Starting from Ternate park the track has a length of about 12.5 km. In the municipality of Varano Borghi is possible by means of a bicycle connection to the piste of Lake Varese. 

The route offers beautiful scenery you spot, immersed in a unique natural environment, interesting choice of construction of a 500 m-long wooden platform that allows pedaling suspended over the water.

Bicycle lane Varese 

The proposed route of 27 km, runs exclusively on the bike path around the entire perimeter of the lake. From Milan, after traveling the highway dei Laghi towards Varese, take the turn marked Azzate-Buguggiate. After about two kilometers you come near a big roundabout with a ‘airplane in the middle. Keep left and after about 1 km turn right into the Tigros supermarket parking lot. 

The itinerary winding described is clockwise. Inforcate bikes, after a few hundred meters, on the left you can visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Lake. After a few kilometers you arrive in town of Bodio Lomnago. Do not miss the newly renovated harbor where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake, dominated by the Monte Rosa massif and the field of Varese Flowers. 

Continuing, crossed a road, the trail continues on the left: it is recommended to take the road heading to the right. After one Km you enter the ancient village of Cazzago Brabbia. On the right a steep descent leads to the marina, while continuing straight after a while you meet on the interesting “ice houses” left where in the past the stivava winter ice to keep the fish caught during the warmer months. It continues then the ride up to the village cemetery where he reunited with previously left the bike path. 

After 9 km from the start on the left, near the sports field of Cassinetta Biandronno you can join the cycle track connecting with Lake Comabbio reached within 4.5 km. 

Bicycle lane Angera – Ispra 

The route is largely on paved roads and little traffic during the week. Traffic significantly increases on Sundays. 

It starts from the car park via Arena Angera (VA), along Via Pertini until lakefront. After it passed, take the local road that leads to the town of Ranco; joints near the pier continue taking a short but steep climb, after which you turn right into Via Alberto. After having traveled to the entrance of ‘former Museum of Transport Ogliari you take the right at the intersection with Via Quassa you go left. Follow via Quassa until you cross the street on the right Boschetti, where begins the dirt path. Exceeded a bridge, always on dirt starts via Cadorna in the town of Ispra, you cross some farms always on dirt road keep left until you reach the lake of Ispra. 

Museum Alfredo Binda Piazzale Alfredo Binda

Piazzale Alfredo Binda Cittiglio (VA) 

Golf Club

Golfino del Monzeglio A.S.D.

Via Mongini, 919 Barza di Ispra (VA)

The field 

How it is made 

Field of the Monzeglio Golfino consists of:   

– a putting green with 6-hole natural grass  

– a driving range of 140 meters with 9 stations  

– 4 hole par 3 of ca. 100 meters 

Golf Immobiliare SpA

Via Trevisani 926 – 21028 Travedona Monate (VA).

Golf Immobiliare

Practice areas
The driving range offers six covered positions, twenty-six open-air positions, a pitching green, a practice bunker and a room useful for examing the video footage of your swing together with your teacher during lessons. Just in front of the club house there is a large putting green, where, as it is well know, it is appropriate to attend. 


Via Rimembranze, 84, 21020 Cadrezzate VA



Opening Hours:
Open Wednesday from 14:00 to 19:30 and over 

Saturday from 10:00 to 18:30 

Sundays and holidays from 09:00 to 19:00 



* Approval: IMF, UISP 

* Category: 3 

* Length: 1850 meters 

* Soil: earth / sand 

* Minicross: you 

Quad Adventure

Via Sempione, 49 – Sesto Calende (Va)         



The tour is also suitable for novice and beginners and is aimed at both groups both to companies both families and individuals 

Given the nature of the terrain and the quad characteristics the average speed is 20Km / h 

NB: the weight limit of each quad is 160kg. Above that weight you will have to book 2 single quad


Activities subject to weather conditions. 

minimum age for the passenger: 8 years 

Equipment provided: quad, helmet, balaclava, petrol, anti mud suit or waxed anti rain 

Recommended equipment: Comfortable clothing and change of clothes. 

Available dressing room, toilet and sink. Shower possibilities in B & B near 

Requirements for the driver: B license (or higher) valid 


QUAD ADVENTURE via Sempione, 49 – Sesto Calende (Va)        

Quadadventure – Painball





Shopping Center Campo dei Fiori

Viale Ticino, 82, 21026 Gavirate VA, Italia

Shopping Center Le Corti

Piazza della Repubblica, 25 VA, Italia

Centro commerciale Il Centro

Via Luraghi, 11 Arese, MI.

Vicolungo Outlet

Piazza S. Caterina Ang.Via Papa Giovanni XXIII Vicolungo NO, Italia.

Vicolungo The Style Outlets, where shopping, entertainment and relaxation combine to satisfy all your desires. The place where quality, style and value for money meet, with 150 prestige brand stores: men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, sportswear, accessories and cosmetics with 30% to 70% discounts all year round. 

Luino Market

Luino, a pretty little town in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, can be reached by car from Gambarogno, passing through the customs checkpoint at Dirinella, or by boat from Locarno, Ascona or Brissago. 

Goods of every kind can be purchased from its internationally renowned market: from groceries to clothes, flowers and accessories of different types. There are always a large number of stalls selling fresh cheeses, cold meats and lake fish, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables. Visitors will also find clothes of all kinds for sale, from jeans to jumpers, pyjamas, socks, tights, shoes, underwear and hats. There is also an extensive selection of leather goods, such as bags of different shapes and sizes, belts and jackets, and all sorts of accessories. Other stalls sell buttons, cotton thread in all the colours of the rainbow, fabrics and yarn for sewing and knitting, as well as cutlery, ladles, whisks, coffee grinders, etc., for the kitchen. There is also a good selection of beauty products and cosmetics. 

Imported goods must comply with customs regulations: see the information on customs clearance. 


Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.